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Be with Us, Build Solar Plant Easily. Solavita is dedicated to being your reliable partner in your solar home installation and provides the perfect energy solution for home solar PV systems.

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Solavita has successfully introduced clean energy solutions for home solar PV systems to millions of households, combining extensive experience in the Chinese solar industry with mature solar photovoltaic projects in the European market. As a trusted and reliable brand, we invite you to join us as a partner, benefiting from comprehensive one-stop solutions for solar home installation, dedicated technical expertise, and robust marketing support. Together, let's shape a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Partner Enablement On Service All-around

Empowering partners through service excellence, Solavita provides comprehensive support for solar home installation, home solar PV systems, and solar photovoltaic projects, ensuring a seamless and successful implementation process.

Products Support

Supplier for All Products,with Solavita Modules Manufacture、 inverter and Energy Storage Manufactory、Mounting Support Manufactory

Marketing support

Customer-oriented marketing materials
Co-branding activities in local market
Consistent social media and advertisement promotion

Service Support

1v1 Equipment Tech Support
Plant Level Tech Support
Real Time O&M support

Digital platform support

Visualized Project and Order Management support
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