Best One-Stop Solar Solution Supplier

Solavita is a leading energy solutions provider, offering one-stop solar residential solutions from design to installation and maintenance.

About Solavita

Solavita is owned by Skyworth group, which owns four major business sectors covering smart appliances, new energy, Intelligent system and modern service.

“Solavita is a subsidiary brand of the Skyworth Group, focusing on overseas markets, which originally meant “Sun Life”, corresponding to our vision of honoring the earth, nature, and life.”

Solavita offers a comprehensive one-stop solar residential solution, covering the entire process from consultation, automatic design, and product procurement to O&M (Operations and Maintenance) services. Specializing in distributed residential and industrial/commercial photovoltaics, Solavita, as an energy solutions provider, provides customers with complete solar power equipment and professional residential solutions characterized by efficiency, quality, and reliability.

  • 2
    Listed companies
    Skyworth Group (00751.HK)
    Skyworth Digital (000810.SZ)
  • 20 +
    High-tech Enterprises
  • 30000 +
  • 7.5
    Billion Euro annual revenue

Our Achievements

Solavita has excelled as a leading energy solutions provider in the solar energy sector, providing a seamless and comprehensive one-stop solar residential solution for energy needs. Solavita's success is marked by its commitment to delivering high-quality
300,000 power stations built
8 billion kWh of green electricity produced
7.91 million tons of carbon dioxide reduced
equivalent to 10.81 million trees planted

Our Value

We believe that solar energy will create a livable and beautiful life for all if everyone contributes to being part of the energy transition.

Our Mission

Make solar easy for all.


Quality means what we offer and implement has a lasting impact, as well as professionalism in dealing with each other.

Customer oriented

As a valuable partner for our customers, we focus on their needs.

Embrace the change

The journey has begun, let’s do it together.