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On October 24th, Solavita the first brand and product launch event hosted in Frankfurt
Time:2024-01-04 10:30:100 view

On October 24th, Solavita hosted a brand and product launch event in Frankfurt, Germany with the theme "CLEAN ENERGY, GREEN LIFEYOUR TRUSTWORTHY SOLAVITA" and introduced a new "All in one Solar Solution."



This press conference was honored to have Alexander Hetjes, the mayor of Bad Homburg; Yiyang Huang, Consul General of The People's Republic of China in Frankfurt; Dr. Michael Borchmann, Former Head of Department International Affairs State of Hesse; Michael Merz, Mayor of Landsbach-Baumbach; Zhenyu Fu, Solavita's general manager, along with experts and partners from the European energy industry to witness this historical moment together.


Zhenyu Fu, the general manager of Solavita, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to all the guests and industry partners who attended the banquet. He emphasized the importance of product quality, order management, standard solutions, installation efficiency, and technical after-sales support in promoting development of sustainable, efficient, convenient, and reliable energy solutions. Also, he shares Solavita’s core value - all in one solar solution, which aims to assist end users in installing power stations more easily and efficiently, enabling more people to access new energy and contribute to global energy transformation.


Ms Ouyang, the senior manager of Solavita demonstrated that Solavita provides full-process quality services from brand, products, and technology to operation and maintenance. Solavita innovatively applies unified brand marketing, standardized product design, localized supply chains, and an intelligent online management platform to ensure worry-free use of the power station throughout its life cycle and empower brand partners.



The German market is Solavita's first move in expanding across Europe, which is also a significant milestone.We are committed to the brand ambition of "Be with us, build a solar plant easily," making photovoltaic power station installation simpler and more efficient, enabling more users to enjoy sustainable clean energy and building a green and beautiful life for millions of households.