Solavita case Spotlight: Empowering Homes with Solavita Solar Solution!
Time:2023-12-27 15:38:270 view

Exciting news from Germany! Introducing our latest residential solar solution project:

This is a duplex villa project, located in Frankfurt, consisting of 27 pieces of 410w solar panels, combined with a three-phase hybrid inverter and 4 x 2.9kWh expandable batteries. The system generates an average daily power of more than 10kw, which can meet the owner's needs, like daily electricity consumption and charger for the new energy car, greatly reducing electricity expenses.
What sets us apart? Solavita now boasts warehouses across various European countries, ensuring swift delivery within two weeks!
By installing in the solar system, you not only tackle high electricity costs but also contribute to a greener planet. After installation, say goodbye to energy worries and hello to an eco-friendly future!
Ready to make a smart investment? Reach out to us and make solar easily.